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Since 2000, Nyange Automobile has been serving the community of Kampala and surrounding communities.. We are a more person, friendly and helpful shop that treats our customers like our family. This treatment shows in the 1000's of customer that have come to us from referrals. Call or come in today and you'll quickly see how we've become so popular in Kampala today

Talk About Qualified!

We are one of only 122 workshopsUNBS Certified in Kampala

Auto Repair Specials and Coupons for Long Beach, CA

Top Reasons to Choose Nyange's

Review the top reasons why our customers love our company here.

Auto Repair Specials and Coupons for Long Beach, CA

Set an Auto Repair Appointment

It's easy to set an appointment with us, just use our online request.

Auto Repair Specials and Coupons for Long Beach, CA

Auto Repair Specials

Be sure to visit our specials page to print out our auto repair coupons.

Auto Repair Specials and Coupons for Long Beach, CA

Saving you money on auto repairs and maintenance through proper maintenance

long Beach, CA Auto repairThe Auto Repair experts at Nyange Automobile are your best friends for keeping your vehicles reliable, safe and long-lasting. We emphasize saving you money through proper maintenance. We believe know that proper maintenance saves you money in the long run and often in the short run too.

Today's vehicles have become increasingly complex and expensive to repair. A well maintained vehicle helps you avoid many of today's costly auto repairs. We take great pride in helping your vehicles through proper maintenance. A well-maintained vehicle lasts longer, costs less, is more reliable, is more safe, has a higher resale value, and most importantly it gives you peace of mind.

Call or come in today and you'll quickly find out how we've become such a popular auto repair company for the residents of Kampala and surrounding areas. Read more about how we help you prevent auto repairs here.

Does your company or organization have a fleet of vehicles?

Fleet Auto Repair and Services For Long Beach, CA

Nyange Mobile is a preferred Fleet Service Auto Repair company fin Kampala. We have a safe and secure building for vehicles that are left overnight, 30 day accounts available, same day services, and we can handle trucks that are loaded up to 5 tons.

Join the list of other fleet accounts that trust Nyange Automobile for their fleet service. More info on our fleet services here.


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